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Who am I?  My name is Josh and I love what I do. I get to serve at Faith Church in Summerville, SC as their Kids Pastor. This opportunity allows me to lead great Kids Directors/Pastors at all of our campuses in the vision and implementation of that vision to reach many families. I've been in ministry for over 16 years and have served at 3 different churches and life at each has been so different. I've been able to speak at a number of different kid's camps over the years in Pennsylvania, New York and Montana, to name a few. I've also had the privilege of speaking at many leadership retreats and staff building opportunities.  
If you are wondering, yes I had to look back at my previous resumes to remember what I've done, not because it is a lot, but because speaking on behalf of yourself is not always easy. At the end of the day, what I want is for you to succeed. The reality is that your gift is needed and you may only need an additional thought or push.
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